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Glamourfans – Unrestricted Social Network

Everything you need to know about the brand new adult social network, Glamourfans!

In a Nutshell 

Glamourfans looks and feels like Instagram, but has all the money-making features of Onlyfans (and some more)… They offer generous lifetime commissions for creators and affiliates, and creators get paid for every Like and DM they receive.

Key Points

  • Get paid every time somebody Likes your content or sends you a DM… 
  • Earn lifetime commissions
  • Creators get free promotions and photoshoots
  • Fans can find new creators and content on Search feed.

When I first heard about Glamourfans, I yawned 🥱

There’s already far too many cheap, Onlyfans rip-offs, so why should we care about another one? 

Turns out, despite the misleading name, Glamourfans is quite a lot more than a fan site. And it’s actually nothing to do with Glamour.

Unlike most fansites, Glamourfans is essentially just a social network like Instagram. 

Fans don’t have to subscribe to multiple creators to be able to access their content. Instead they pay one monthly membership fee to access everyone on the platform. 

The membership fees get distributed back out to the creators every time they receive a Like on their content. The more Likes you receive, the more money you will earn from.  

In regards to selling PPV content, Glanmourfans has all the features you’d expect to see. 

But our personal favourite feature is their Chat Fee, which allows Creators to set a price for every DM they receive. 

This is an amazing feature, as it’ll prevent time-wasters slipping into the DM’s and is another effortless way of making more money. 

Glamourfans vs Onlyfans

We love Onlyfans. It’s the Original Gangsta, and it’s got so many cool features, it’s in a league of its own for Creators who already have a super strong fanbase. 

The advantage Glamourfans has over Onlyfans, is that the more Creators there is on the site, the more fans will be able to interact with new Creators. This is where the “Network Effect” comes to play. 

Most small creators struggle on sites like Onlyfans, as it’s quite hard to get discovered by new fans. This forces Creators to advertise and network off platform. 

Well, Glamourfans provides that network, and that’s the main difference. 

Both Glamourfans and Onlyfans have incredible features for their Creators, but I think the experience for the fan is much better on Glamourfans. 

Onlyfans desktop version I feel is much cleaner, but Glamourfans is more simple and easy to use on the phone, as it looks just like Instagram. 

Overall, they’re both great sites.

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