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What is KIQI?

Introducing KIQI – a new social network which promotes you for FREE and pays you for every Likes and DM 🤑

Suki Quote

Imagine a perfect social network that pays you for every Like and DM.

A platform that promotes you and your content for free.

A place where you can earn passive income for life, just by sharing a link.

Introducing KIQI… 

KIQI is an unrestricted social network, which looks and feels like Instagram but with tons of cool new ways to make money online. 

Unlike OnlyFans and other fansites, KIQI is NOT a subscription site. 

KIQI works like Netflix and Spotify, where fans pay a small Membership fee to access all the creators on the platform – which they can find and discover on a simple search feed. 

That’s great news for you, as it means more fans will be able to see and buy your content.

How does it work?

It’s designed Like Instagram, so it should be very easy to use.

Once you’ve created your profile and verified your ID (takes minutes) you’ll be able to start making money.

KIQI’s Best Features? 

Chat Fee: We love this and haven’t seen anyone else do this yet, but on KIQI you can set a price for every DM you receive. 

For example, if you set the ChatFee to £1, that means you’ll earn £1 every time a fan messages you. Cool, eh? It’s a fab way to remove time-wasters from your DM’s too. 

Get Paid For Likes: Yep, post content and get paid a small amount every time. More Likes = More Money. 

KIQI vs OnlyFans?

We’ve done a full comparison post on this, but the short answer to this is they’re both amazing!

KIQI: Much better for new creators, who want to grow their fanbase and make money every time they receive Likes and DM’s. 

OnlyFans: Perfect for Creators who have tons of loyal fans, who are happy to just subscribe and purchase content from your wall. 

Pros and Cons


Get Paid for Likes: Earn money for social media likes, similar to how YouTubers and Spotify artists earn for their content.

ChatFee: Receive payments every time a fan messages you and for every response you send.

User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use, with a familiar layout similar to Instagram.

Easy Discoverability: Enhanced with hashtags and a unique search feed to help fans find your content effortlessly.

More Fan Access: Fans pay a single membership fee to access all creators on the platform.

Newbie Creator Focus: Extra support and visibility for new creators to help them grow.

Referral Earnings: Earn by referring both creators and subscribers, with continuous earnings from referrals.

Unrestricted Content: Freedom to post any legal content without constraints.

Non-Exclusive Content: Post any content you want, even if it’s available on other platforms.

Paid for Regular Content: Get paid for content that you would typically post for free elsewhere.

Uncapped Earnings: No limits on your earnings from referrals.

Better Discovery Chances: KIQI actively promotes new creators, increasing your visibility.

Photoshoots and VIP Events: They host free photoshoots and events for their Creators every month.


  • No Media Vault: Coming soon.
  • No Live Stream: Coming soon.
  • Very New: Not anywhere near as popular as it will become.  


Here’s some things creators have been saying about the platform. 

Our Final Thoughts

We’re super excited about KIQI and can’t wait to see the platform grow. 

They seem to be super responsive when we’ve asked them questions, and the fact they promote their creators is a lovely touch. 

Their lifetime referral program is amazing too! 

If KIQI grows to even half of what we think it can, you’ll kick yourself for not getting in sooner. 

Check out KIQI now and get in early.