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Applicants must be aged 18+ and be following @FlamesAgency and @ThaiFlames on Instagram.

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Want more money & freedom?

Let us create, manage and monetize your KIQI profile, so you can get paid more money – without selling nudes or sharing your OnlyFans.

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Most management agencies expect you to sell nudes and will take 50% of your OnlyFans income…

At Flames, we will create and manage your KIQI profile instead – so you won’t need to share your OnlyFans account or get naked 😀

More Money (Less Work)

We work hard, so you get more money and time to spend for you and the family.

Grow Your Followers

We will promote and grow your personal Instagram account too (for free).

Monthly Payments

Each month, we send 50% of the KIQI sales profits directly to your Thai bank.

It’s Fast and Easy

It’s super simple and easy to get started – literally takes just a few minutes.

Don’t Have to Sell Adult Content

Our strategies are all SFW (safe-for-work) – so you don’t need to get naked.

Free Promos & Photoshoots

We pay for all your marketing, photoshoots and promo materials.

Female Thai Support

Your account manager will be a Thai girl, and available whenever you need her.

Chat Profit Maximization

We manage your DM’s 24/7 – so you can earn money whilst you sleep.

What is KIQI?

New Social Network

Here’s 6 reasons we love KIQI.


Get Paid For Likes

Every time a fan Likes your posts, you get paid.

Get Paid for DMs

Every time a fan sends a message, you get paid.

Lifetime Referrals

Earn money every time you introduce a new person to KIQI.

Free Promos & Shoutouts

KIQI promotes you on their own socials for free.

VIP Photoshoots & Events

KIQI arranges VIP photoshoots for creators who use their app.

It’s Simple to Use

Looks and feels like Instagram and is super easy to use.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

How it Works

Get started with 3 simple steps.

Step 01

Apply Now
Tap the big pink button below to apply (takes 10 seconds). If approved, you’ll be sent the onboarding form.

Step 02

Profile Setup
Your female Thai account manager will set up your KIQI profile and guide you through the next steps.

Step 03

Get Paid
We’ll manage your KIQI profile and chats, and share 50% of the profits at the end of every month.

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